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Getta Trade LTD - a service with which purchases / sales in another country will become simple and affordable for everyone!


  • Escrow service

    We act as an independent third party between buyer and seller. We store funds, assets and / or documents in order to ensure the fulfillment of obligations under a transaction concluded between the parties.

    Such values are stored in a specially designated «escrow account» until the fulfilment of obligations to purchase and sell goods or services in accordance with the terms of the contract.

  • Mediation in the purchase and sale of digital goods / services / accesses / resources

    We will help you buy / sell various digital goods / services, such as: unique text, file, code, game currency, logo, installer file, URL, domain name, activation code, registration form, e-books, etc.

    Getta Trade LTD is a unique and reliable service that is interested in the efficiency, convenience and reliability of the operations of purchase/sale of digital goods and services. All calculations are automated and absolutely reliable. After paying for the selected product, the buyer instantly receives his order, and the seller receives his money. We will save your time and protect you from scammers!

  • Help with purchasing goods online

    We offer you to expand the scope of your purchases to the whole world - we work with absolutely all online stores in the USA, Europe, China and the eBay international auction as well.

    Now you can forget about the need to know a foreign language, the inability to pay by credit card and customs red tape when buying goods in foreign online stores. Make purchases from abroad with your reliable partner and friend Getta Trade LTD – it is convenient, fast and profitable!

  • Delivery of goods from abroad (Europe, China, USA)

    The most fashionable and advanced novelties of the world are available to you easily and quickly. No need to pay more!

    It is enough to find the necessary item of goods in any country and you will get it right in your hands. Delivery of orders from abroad is easier than ever. Go for profitable purchases right now, and we will take care of their careful delivery to you! We organize the delivery of goods from abroad by air, sea or land transport and control the process of delivery of the package from the warehouse to your house.

  • Access to car auctions in the USA, Japan, Germany, Georgia and the UK

    We will help you choose the right car brand from the USA, Japan, Germany, Georgia and the UK, taking into account your financial capabilities and personal preferences (year of manufacture, mileage, cosmetic and technical condition of the car). Cars, trucks and motorcycles are sold at auctions. Here you will find not only used cars in excellent condition, but also cars after accidents or with technical problems.

    We provide information about each used car: its mileage, maintenance history and an accurate report of defects.

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Customer reviews

  • The parcel arrived on time and in safety. Thanks your manager for the consultation!

  • Great service! Everything came quickly. The representatives of the company helped me with the paperwork. Thanks.

  • Thank you very much, the parcel was well packaged, we received it in 10 business days.

  • We received the parcel right home on time according to calculations and I was slightly surprised that this is possible! Thanks!

  • The parcel arrived quickly, in 15 days. The packaging is not damaged. If you compare prices, it turned out to be 20% cheaper.

  • I've received the parcel. It arrived very quickly - 6 days from the USA, it was impressive! I will continue to cooperate with you. Thank you!

Thank you very much! Everything went well and a message about the delivery of goods to the point of delivery came to my phone. I ordered through you the first time. At the beginning it was difficult to understand the sequence of actions, but your specialist helped me. Thank you very much. I will order something again in the coming days.

  • I am satisfied with the work done. The prices are reasonable. All goods came safe and sound, everything was packed securely, there were no problems at customs. There was a slight hitch with sending, but it was not critical for me. Ideally, I would like it to be sent a week earlier. But at the same time I understand that there are a lot of orders, it takes time to process everything. Therefore, there are no complaints.


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